Re-Istanbul is my personal re-exploration of Istanbul while I was working on Re-locate project. This was my second time to Istanbul. The city appeared totally different to me now that I was involved in the working process. This reminded me of the times when I was at Uni and felt sad because I also had to go to work. But actually I could explore Istanbul much better than others because I got to meet so many local people and visit so many small local places that shape the real city character. I tried to present just a small part of the different faces of Istanbul through these people, the project team members, our conversations and small city fragments that often remain invisible to the inexperienced eye. I collected pieces of conversations with the re-locate team members talking about Istanbul, their pictures and small videos shots – small city fragments which form my impression of Istanbul and give to the face of this enormous city a human touch.

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12 People (Gokce, Eda, Gjorgje, Selda, Zeyno, Alban, Gunes, Mary, Ilgin, Mari, Ozgur, Elena)
12 Interviews (20’ 39’’)
36 Video fragments from Istanbul

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