How to make a bell

“How to make a bell” is an unusual guidebook you hardly could find anywhere.
After reading it, you will have a feeling to have read a meditation guidebook or elementary theory of music.

Investigating the case with the stolen bell of the village of Gorna Bela Rechka, the book puts attention to the variety of stories among the people in the village about the old bell and its disappearance, enlarges the context into the bigger picture – the phenomenon of stolen bells in Bulgaria in the last decade (a very surprising by itself and still not understood phenomenon), and reveals some of the secrets of the oldest bell casters in Bulgaria the Plovdiv masters Veleganov. You could learn, for example, that the technology has never been written down. “Everything is oral and has been handed down by word of mouth. That’s why there is no leaking of information. Also you learn that
each bell is centered on some tone. The bigger the bell, the lower the tone. 60 kg is centered somewhere around E. 100 kg is centered somewhere around C.

This is a book about understanding our own experience in rebuilding lost traditional symbols of Bulgarian culture in today’s European context. Because the question actually is, as Austrian psychoanalytic Elisabeth Vykoukal puts it in the book – can we find new ways to be together? Because we all live in times where there are no more bells to call us to meet.

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