Carnival – picture stories

illustration Penka Dincheva
text and documentary (camera, editing, sound, subtitles) Evgeni Bogdanov
stories Nagledna
art direction Raycho Stanev

Carnival – picture stories
About like, share and fair play

Just a month or so before the long awaited End of the World, two of the most used words globally are like and share. The number of people, liking and sharing daily, increases exponentially – personal statuses, news, events. Words, music, images. Little and big things that come, touch us and go. Is it a natural need for sharing – to sit with the others by the fire, on a bench in front of the house, in the pub around a bottle of some homemade booze? To reshape and pass along the stories and works of art in our own way, becoming a part of the whole? A return to the Beginning, to common things?

At the same time, the media is overflowing with fair play campaigns in support of copyright and to ban sharing. The artists should get adequate payment for what they produce, yes. But where is the borderline, isn’t it so that too many prohibitions encage the Author, making him untouchable, away from people? Doesn’t art become too artificial? And on the other hand, may we kill and lose the Author as a result of excessive sharing? What’s fair?

Carnival – Picture Stories is a project by NAGLEDNA that actually doesn’t try to answer these questions. Perhaps it’s a question and an answer at once. Or neither one, nor the other. Everything begins with a writer, a designer and a bookcover, that appears to be inappropriate for the Canadian market. Rawi Hage, Raycho Stanev, Carnival – collaboration and friendship which started with the second Rawi’s novel, translated into Bulgarian (Cockroach). The book inspires a drawing that – instead as a bookcover – goes ahead with a life of its own and in turn gives the idea Raycho, Annie, Penka, Rado and Evgeni (the team) to fantasize and portray some friends, with specific features and habits, as various animals – a part of the Big Carnival. These short stories are shared with Penka Dincheva, who re-creates them in twenty four pictures.

The life of our carnival characters goes on beyond this visual collection, we have yet to see how. In case there is no End of the World. It wouldn’t be fair. Because we like it and want to share it with you, one way or another. This is just the Beginning of the Carnival.

NAGLEDNA Studio (Raycho Stanev, Evgeni Bogdanov, Radomir Dankov and Penka Dincheva ) was founded in 2007. We’re based in Sofia, Bulgaria and work with like-minded collaborators worldwide . We are passionate about art, design, multimedia and ready for our next challenge, confident our next piece of work will be our best. So far the Studio has presented its works in Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey and Cuba. Nagledna’s work has been published by a variety of magazine, book publishers and has been recognized by Chois Gallery, (More) Lovely Book Covers, Caustic Cover Critic.

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