Bright Future in The Year of Our Discontent

The installation illustrates in complete form the projects „Bright Future“ and „The Year of Our Discontent“. It all started in 2011 as a series of workshops, activities, presentations and projections on political topics. We shared through them ideas and comments on our social reality and the ever-changing urban surroundings. But our public was also given platform to express their thoughts. Proven methods of propaganda were used – political typography, posters, movies, clothing and other old advertising techniques from the socialism time, combined with contemporary means, so that the messages could reach more people. This documentary exhibition shows you all these various stages.

Bright Future
[political typography]

Using various letters from old neon signs, we at Nagledna write again well known slogans from the near past. We update them not by alternating the words, but by replacing the fonts. Thus, we write political propaganda via fonts designed for flower shops, cafes, underwear stores, etc., which removes its apparent seriousness and highlights the absurd. We’re interested in the relation between a font and the message written in it.
Handmade outdoor advertising signs from socialist times have lost their function and little by little disappear off the face of Bulgarian towns. They are graphological cultural heritage and selected copies can be preserved. With such letters we composed a font – an example of substantive image of Bulgarian Cyrillic alphabet.

More than twenty years after 1989, thе old political slogans reappear again and again with the help of sentimental retro nostalgia, and the propaganda becomes successful easier that way. It’s unbelievable how many people hope to hear the same hollow words and promises, and „the bright future“ is once again a keyword in today’s politicians‘ speeches.

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The Year of Our Discontent
[political posters]

We‘ve always been interested in the relationship between text and graphics, and how processing affects perception. „The Year of Our Discontent“ presents 12 important political actions that generated a wave of public discontent. We made a series of posters after the protests that took place at Eagles Bridge (Sofia, 2012) and the lack of adequate coverage in our „free media“. Seeing them all together in one place, we try to ignore them as a group of individual grievances and bring them out as organised „noise“. We believe that this visual perception of politically charged materials places a sharp focus on the events from last year. We also shot 12 interviews with people speaking on each poster subject, thus creating a collective memory of what happened.

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Pictures from Sofia
Pictures from Belrin

NAGLEDNA was founded in 2007. We’re based in Sofia, Bulgaria and work with like-minded collaborators worldwide. We are passionate about art and design, ready for our next challenge, confident that our next piece of work will be our best. Our work includes various art installations, multimedia and illustrations presented in Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Macedonia, Turkey and Cuba. Nagledna’s art installations are reflecting past and present, personal memories, heritage (communist) policies and urban cultures.
In 2005, Raycho Stanev (member of the studio team) won the Prize of Creative Commons for art project developed under CC License, and he had nomination in BAZA Award for Young Contemporary Art (2010). In June of 2010 we arranged an installation with critical debate about DNA and migration in Birmingham – part of BASS festival. The Studio participated in 12th Istanbul Biennial of contemporary art. This year we had a presentation with debate about the Bulgarian communist heritage in BKC Berlin, installation for ArtUp, Goethe-institut in Ankara. The team accomplished the “Bright Future Project” as a part of Sofia Contemporary – а festival for contemporary art in Sofia. Nagledna arrange a artistic talk in 14th Transmediale.

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